Compassionate Solutions For Difficult Times

We at Michelle Colombo Funeral Undertakers can arrange a service that upholds different traditions, beliefs and wishes

We’re Here When You Need Us


We are backed by 50 years of experience in the industry. Colombo carries on her father’s undertaking services and experiences.


We offer our clients the chance of celebrating their parted loved ones’ lives in a dignified and respectful manner.


We can help you make important decisions, create healing moments and pay tribute to your loved ones as we supervise logistics.

We at Michelle Colombo Funeral Undertakers believe that everyone should get a dignified goodbye that adheres to their wishes and beliefs. We present our customers with tailored funeral arrangements that provides a space for grief and support. Our funerary services are designed to reflect your moral values, preferences and beliefs while adhering to your budget.

Healing Spaces

During these difficult times, people need to nurture themselves and say their last goodbyes. That is why we offer them a space to do so while we take care of all the details.



We can arrange any floral decorations and tributes in any location. Through this option, you will be able to create a tailored tribute for your loved ones



We will help in choosing a venue, both religious or not, for your final goodbyes. Through this service you can choose the size of the funeral



One of our services entails the provision of transportation vehicles for both the deceased and the family members. International transport provided.



From headstones to tombstones and memorial cards, we will present you with all the necessary arrangements for memorials and keepsakes.

Dignified Services
Overseas Solutions

We also offer services in overseas transportation for the deceased. We work hand in hand with international funeral directors and take care of all the necessary arrangements needed for overseas burials.