Planning & Guidance

Planning a funeral is a hard process for anyone to go through. We at Michelle Colombo Funeral Undertakes aim towards offering you a nurturing space where we will try our best to make this as easy as we can. We will take into account your beliefs, wishes and needs to present you with an ethical and peaceful goodbye.

When it comes to arrangements we can handle anything from the retrieval of official death certificates, complex logistics, transportation, organisation and any other aspects of the funeral itself. Through our help, you can focus on your own grief, as we will advise and relieve you of any added stress that comes with the funeral supervision.

We will be there for you in this most difficult of journeys in your life, by alleviating the emotional burden of planning and adhering to your departed one’s wishes.

Funerary Arrangements


We will arrange for catholic funerals to take place in a range of spaces including chapels, cathedrals, parish churches and other religious establishments in Malta. We can also arrange Gozo-based funerals.


We can provide you with a choice of floral tributes designed and created by local suppliers. These arrangements range from simple to elaborate ones and add a warm touch and visual tributes.


We offer the possibility of collaborating with other religious entities when presenting the deceased with a respectful burial that adheres to their religious beliefs. We can help you get in touch or plan accordingly.


We can aid anyone who would like to get an Anglican funeral arranged at one of the Anglican churches situated in Malta. The service would be conducted by local reverends.


Through our services you can also opt for non-religious funerals. Through this specific service, we can help you choose an appropriate and personalised ceremony.


We also arrange for funerary transportations to and from churches, burial sites or homes. Our transport solutions include overseas services for the repatriation of the deceased.

Other Services