About Us

Our Story

Michelle Colombo carries on her family’s tradition of professional undertaking service. An enterprise that was founded by her father Victor Galea as a Sliema-based undertaker. 

She has carried on the torch of this professional service by building upon its foundation thanks to an expansion in services. Colombo has not only added to the services provided, but she strengthened and improved existing ones.

Honorary Services

No matter how big or small you would like the service to be, Michelle Colombo Funeral Undertakers are able to present you with a professional, dignified and sensitive arrangement. Through her years of experience in the industry, Colombo can present you with all the necessary arrangements that will suit your needs, wishes and beliefs. 

The company can present you with all the necessary funerary arrangements including the retrieval of official death certificates, complex logistics, international transportation solutions and burial at sea services.

A Healing Space

Through Michelle Colombo Funeral Undertakers, you will be relieved from the added stress of supervising a funeral. A service that will present you with the space and comfort needed to grieve in a respectful and dignified manner.

Our Values

Funeral Etiquette

Through our services you will be able to say your final goodbyes in a dignified manner.

Respectful Service

We strive towards presenting a service that truly celebrates the deceased’s life.

Professional Standards

We aim to achieve high standards in all that we do by providing the bereaved with fitting arrangements