Funeral Services in Malta Or Abroad

We offer our clients both local and overseas services. We regularly work hand in hand with funeral directors located in numerous countries around the world. We offer our services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Death Certificates

We offer services in the arranging and retrieval of official death certificates and other necessary paperwork


We arrange the procural of any documents, organise services and prepare the body


We offer relocation services for both incoming and outgoing solutions from any part of the world

traditional burial

We offer you the possibility of coordinating and attending a traditional burial that follows a conventional order of service.

parish church

We can arrange funerary solutions in local Parish Churches in both Malta and Gozo. Arrangements can be made for an Anglican church


We offer funeral services that are designed to be intimate, including only family and friends. This can be arranged for anyone wishing for a quiet goodbye


We provide cremation services which can be conducted by priests, ministers or clergy

Burial at sea

We offer full embalming, preparation, formalities and permits for burials at sea in Malta for anyone who wants to be buried at sea


We coordinate pallbearers, arrange transport to and from burial sites and offer overseas transport solutions